CATWALK PROJECT is a pioneering costume design workshop founded in Thessaloniki in 2015 and which developed to be a creative children’s hive model, from 4 to 18 years old.The clothing workshop includes courses in art history, fashion illustration , recycling and circular economics, textiles, history of costume and clothing, as well as practical construction workshops (pattern, sewing). At Catwalk Project, we open the time warp of history and travel from the beginning of clothing to the present, stopping at its most important stations.We try to explore every aspect of the history of clothing and, thus, through this process, the educational character of our workshop is formed. Catwalk Project’s team stands by the students, at every step!The team is there primarily to inspire, to provide, to listen to the needs and desires of each child and then, guided by love and professionalism, to proceed to the proper planning and implementation of the educational programs of the workshop. Students are provided with a book with the chosen theory, depending on their age, which has been edited by the Catwalk Project trainers. At Catwalk Project, we believe in the development of the child and the individual in general, through the process of experiential learning. Our philosophy is summarized in the phrase “education in practice”.Our goal is for all students – children, teenagers- to experience the joy of creation, to gain self-confidence and to express their creativity, based on a solid theoretical and practical background. We participate in events & fundraising actions, with a constant focus on offering to all parts of society!

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